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Multiple Conversion Events

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I have three conversion events being tracked. My AdWord accounts has automatically selected one of them to link to my adverts, but I want a different one to be linked to my account. I do not want to deleted the other conversion tracking events.



I have say 300 conversions for Event 1, and 200 from Event 2. My campaigns link to only Event 1, so I can see the keywords etc. relating to the 300 conversion of Event 1, but I can't analyse my Event 2 any further than knowing there were 200 conversion.


For my product customer have to go through Event 1 before they can do Event 2.


Help would be much appreciated!



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September 2015

Re: Multiple Conversion Events

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Hello and welcome,


I am not quite sure what you mean by Conversion Event here. But is it that are you referring to the Conversion Type which is inside the Tools and Analysis>> Conversions Tab? Have you created different conversion types in this tab and want to include separate for separate campaigns?


Please note that you have to include the particular script on your goal completion page i.e. contact thanks or purchase confirmation page, for which you want to see the results.


Please elaborate more so that Community can address that more specifically.



Re: Multiple Conversion Events

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Hi Pankaj,

Thank you for offering to help me. Let me explain better:

I have two conversions which I am tracking. The first one is when somebody opens an account with the company, the second on is when they provide some documents to the company.

I had 500 clients open an account with the company & 150 of those provided documents. At the moment, in my adwords, I can see which adverts, keywords etc. the individuals which opened an account came from.

However I want to see which adverts, keywords erc. The clients who provided documents came from. At the moment for that "event" I can only see the total number of conversions in the conversion tab, not in the adwords adverts detail.

Does that make sense?

If I have more than one conversion how does adwords choose which to follow?


Re: Multiple Conversion Events

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I am having exactly the same issue - AdWords chose for it's reports one of the conversions that I have added, and I can not get any statistics regarding the goal that is actually relevant for me.