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Monthly Budget at Campaign Level - Not Daily budget

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How can I set a monthly budget at a campaign level that will automatically adjust the daily budget based on how much of the budget I have left to spend in the month. 


This formula doesn't work for what I want:
Here is daily budget for your Monthly Budget:
Monthly Budget/30.4 = Daily Budget.
$1000/30.4 = $32.89
So, If you set $32.89 as your daily budget, then your Monthly budget won't exceed your limit of $1000.

I want to spend the full monthly budget which means the daily needs to adjust up or down based on how much of the budget I've already spent. This allows more budget for say the rest of the month if things were slow in the first half. I need something like this.  
Monthly Budget - Cost/days left in the month = daily budget


Can this be done with rules or something else?




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Monthly Budget at Campaign Level - Not Daily budget

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Hi Keli,


Probably not what you want to hear, but with corporate clients who are wanting to spend a set amount per month, I set up reminders and make adjustments manually.


If you have enough breadth of keywords in a campaign that Google says "limited by budget", then the dividing your monthly budget by 30-ish days for your daily budget will end up close to perfect. But that means you should be optimising your account to get the best value from your budget, because generally speaking  "limited by budget" means spending needs to be optimised. For example, if Sundays are performing poorly, switch them off and get better value from the same budget on the other days.


If your budget is sufficient to cover the keywords you are running, it will probably under-spend to some degree.


So here's what my colleagues and I do:


1. Make sure the best performing campaigns are fully optimised and always have sufficient budget

2. Campaigns for new products or promotions, or that don't perform well, make sure they are always "limited by budget"

3. Give the campaigns at #2 more or less budget as the month goes on to keep the overall target spend on track


That way the bulk of the budget goes to where it performs best, and you still reach the target spend. Adjustments only need to take a few minutes every couple of days.


If there was a way of automating the above, i love to know about it.