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Modified broad match and conversion rates

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Has anyone experienced issues when implementing modified broad on most of their existing broad match terms? My conversion rate has been cut by 2/3 in one day as a result. I don't know if I'm jumping to conclusions here as Sunday's typically convert at a lower rate for me anyway but thought I'd ask.


Here are some additional details:

-Impressions are down only slightly (expected though)

-Clicks are roughly flat which tells me I removed unqualified impressions as intended

-The terms I modified were already exact matched and the ones receiving the majority of impressions


This seems to tell me a story that I'm getting more qualified traffic, but the conversion rate decline is suspect.




Re: Modified broad match and conversion rates

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"It Depends"

With today being Easter, there may not be a many "buyers", as you impressions seemed to be close to your expectations.

2) If you just recently made the changes, there may not be enough time for the system to apply all the value, CTR's, Ad Rank etc to the campaigns.

Honestly I think you need to give it a few more days before the data can give you definitive answers.

From what you stated you seem to be on the right track and conclusions about the traffic.

One thing, make sure you have the correct Negative keywords in place when using broad match and modified broad match. Use your Google Analytics search query report to see what the keyword terms that where triggered. That may also give you a clue as to the "Intent" of the terms that triggered your ad and clicked through, That should help you determine if the Conversion Rate drop is relative to Intent of the Query.

Hope that helps

Re: Modified broad match and conversion rates

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Thanks for the tips. I'll give it some time to bake and see the results. I have a feeling it's the combo of having just made the changes and the holiday. We shall see....