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Mobile stats post googles mobile changes

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My campaign has been running for 2 years and mobile has always been very good for me


campaign stats

CTR 9.87%

moblie conversion rate 30.3%


My website is mobile responsive but this month without any changes


CTR is 1% and

conversion rate 0%


My mobile average position is 2.7 but this month is better at 2.3.


I understand this can be a blip but ever since this campaign started mobile traffic has always converted and i have always had clicks.


I have checked everything i can and am at a loss. I have even increased the bid modifier to mobiles to +25%.


Can anybody offer any ideas please ?


Your help is much appreciated







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Re: Mobile stats post googles mobile changes

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Hi Mac
Sorry to hear you're having issues.
unfortunately, this is a "how long is a piece of string" type question. It's not really possible to give you any answers without seeing your account or ads.

The issue could range from seasonality (maybe interest in what you're offering has dropped) all the way to your competitors doing really well and offering something better.

As for your conversion rate, I believe that's the key here. You should run a keyword report to see if the same keywords are 1) Being searched for and triggering your ads and 2) Converting. I have a feeling that the actual keywords (not the search terms you're bidding on) is where the problem lies.

Have a look at your analytics and see if the drop is occurring for other channels too. If so, it's definitely a problem on your site.

Finally, a well tuned AdWords campaign is a finite thing. I've never seen one that's profitable forever.

Unfortunately, that's all I can give you right now with the variables you've given me. If you'd like to share more, I'll be happy to dive in deeper.

Re: Mobile stats post googles mobile changes

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Hi Dave

thanks for your honest reply. im trying to work things out thats the only way to learn. If things dont improve i might start a new campaign

thanks again

best regards