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Mobile devices with full browsers is not working

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I'm running for a campaign for "Shopping - Product Listing Ads" and want to adjust "Mobile devices with full browsers" but it seems not working.


As seen this photos, even I set Bid adj. as "decrease -70%", avg. CPC is same as computers.

How could it be? Is there any other solution?


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September 2015

Re: Mobile devices with full browsers is not working

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Hi Ran W

There are chances that bids for mobile devices are higher as compared to desktops because of more competitions as number of ad listing that can accommodate their are less. You are also getting more impressions on mobile devices as compared to desktop, show possibility is much more for higher mobile bids.

Just for example, if you have max cpc bid of $1 then you are charged only 0.7 cents for desktops, whereas after decreasing you bids to -70% for mobiles your mobile max cpc bid comes down to 0.30 cents, so their also you getting charged 0.7 cents because of higher competition.

Its not always the case that bids for computers are always higher as compared to mobiles. Your cost per click depends on the competition, if competition is higher on mobile devices than you will be definitely charged more on mobile as compared to computers.

Hope it clears you confusion..!


Re: Mobile devices with full browsers is not working

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Thank you, Abhishek.