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Mobile clicks taken over the overall traffic

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Hey guys,


I've recently changed (yesterday afternoon) my mobile bid adjustment from - 80% to -50% and since I'm seeing an incredible amount of clicks coming from that device. Actually for some countries I have more clicks than computers despite the -50% adjustment. My objective is more mobile traffic to my site but not at the expense of computers clicks.


Got two questions here:


1) is it possible, because of my vertical I'm working in (Finance), that there's more mobile traffic then desktop?


2) can i create an automated rule specific to mobile where I'd be able to decrease CPCs according to the average position of that device?


Many thanks




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Mobile clicks taken over the overall traffic

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Smartphones are continuing to consume more and more of the search share. All of my current clients have seen huge smartphone growth over the last 1+ years, some even doubling and all now being the higher than PCs or tablets.


As far as I know, you can't set a rule based on device directly. You can duplicate your campaigns and only bid on mobile in that campaign (exclude it from the original), then create an automated rule based on position.


Good luck.