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Mobile based company (not web) enhanced campaigns

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Hi All,


I am a mobile based company and with the swap to enhanced campaigns, I have gone from £150-300 a day profit to £100-200 a day loss.


This is the same campaign but moved over to enhanced. 


I know the reason for this loss, my mobile site uses on mobile billing in the UK, this is where a user can buy content for there mobile, and pay for it on there mobile network tariff or it comes out of there pay as they go credit.


So as my business is based on this and not on credit card billing I need to only target network/carrier users. In this case Orange/O2/T-mobile/Three/Virgin/Vodafone.


With enhanced campaign this targeting has been removed. So basically I am out of business until I can get this sorted? Does anyone have a solution?


If I could not target wifi then I would be ok. This is where my loss is coming from, network browsers are about 10-15% of all the traffic, where as before I had 100% network I now have to deal with 85-90% wifi users who just do not convert.


Under display ads you can target mobile network, however this is no good as I can get 1000s of clicks for a few hundred pounds on Search Ads. However I could set my budget on display as £10,000 a day on display ads and it would only get 5 or 10 clicks a day.


As I see it, this change has put me out of business and I am not the only company in the UK with this issue, I have spoken to many competitors and they are all facing this same issue.


So what can be done?

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Re: Mobile based company (not web) enhanced campaigns

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Hello there;

As you correctly pointed out many advertiser are "unhappy". However; I dont think changes are coming soon. There will probably be adjustments and modification; But those- IMHO - will be only indtrodecrd after the first upgrading round is completed (end of July 2013).

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Re: Mobile based company (not web) enhanced campaigns

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As a workaround (until you are FORCED on to enhanced campaigns) do you have any old paused or deleted campaigns that are still legacy? You could resurrect these campaigns, pause the new enhanced one, copy over the keywords and ads and resume with your old targeting settings.


What do you think?

Jack Porter-Smith
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Re: Mobile based company (not web) enhanced campaigns

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Thanks k's for the answers, this what I did do, copy back across but it's starting fresh again.

I still don't understand the the thought behind this, seen as apparently mobile will be everything in the next few years so hey now that is the case let's remove valuable functionality... Madness.

I have been trying with enhanced along side but it seems I'm doomed.

Thanks for the replies.