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Mobile ad not getting any impressions?

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I created a mobile ad two days ago and so far it has recieved no impressions.


It's status is approved, and there is no diagnosis bubble over it telling me whether the ad is showing or not. 


When I go to the keyword section it says the ad is not showing because:


  • A different ad format is required for this search
  • The markup language targeted by your mobile ad isn't compatible with the mobile phone that requested it.

I did go to the help center but am still a little confused. What do I need to change to make my ad show?

Re: Mobile ad not getting any impressions?

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If your site doesn't display properly on mobile web browsers (for example, because it uses Flash or contains large images), our system will not show your ad to users on a mobile device. However, your ad can still appear as usual to non-mobile users.
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September 2015

Re: Mobile ad not getting any impressions?

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Hi Kristopher,

Interesting question.


Do you know what markup language your mobile site is written in?  It could be that your site is written a different markup language that is not supported by Google.


Also, did you create a regular Text Ad and say it's mobile preferred, or did you create a WAP Mobile Ad?  With Enhanced Campaigns, you can know create regular Text Ads and serve them on high end mobile devices.  When you specify mobile preference, AdWords will attempt to show your mobile preferred Ad to searchers on High End Mobile Devices (smartphones).


My guess is that you created a WAP Ad and if so, this will only serve on feature phones (aka non-smart phones).  Was that your intention?  I suggest you also attempt to serve Ads on High End Mobile Devices (smartphones) as that is where the majority of mobile searchers are.


Finally, are you aware of Bid Adjustments? Bid Adjustments can help you bid a higher, or lower Max CPC for certain searchers, such as mobile searchers.  Due to the smaller screens and less Ads on mobile devices, you may have to increase your Max CPC Bids in order to receive Impressions here.