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Mobile Optimization

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Hello all,

Can someone suggest me some new ways and strategies to improve mobile performance only for search campaigns?

Tried bid adjustments and basic ways to optimize!

Mobile Optimization

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Hi @Loukik H,


Hope you are doing well.


I would request you to check the compatibility of your website with the crawlers and make those amendments on your website to get the better results.


As you've already made the required changes you can still do some basic changes mentioned below:


Ad extensions are auto-optimized to show the best possible combination on each and every auction.

We try to show the highest performing and most useful combination of formats from among those eligible in the available space. Since there are so many moving pieces, there’s no way to prioritize which extensions you want to show. Enable whatever makes sense for your customers and let the AdWords system decide between those options. The specific extensions that are displayed are a function of previous performance, user context and available space on the page.


You may use this link to check the compatibility Here. Test my Website


Hope this helps!