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Mismatched # of Conversions?

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Sometimes I would get mismatched # of conversions (or 1 click conversions) on adwords and I can't seem to understand.


Take a look at this chart: I am targeting on GDN on topic + interest. 


When I look at the campaign summary dashboard, I can clearly see 3 conversions:


Clearly there's 3 conversions. 


But when I go to either topic OR interest section, they show ZERO conversions in their respective rows



Am I missing something here?

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Re: Mismatched # of Conversions?

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Can you please check if your interest targeting is set at "Target and bid" or "Bid only"?

If set at "Bid only" your ads are eligible to get shown for targeting criteria other than interesting targeting (for example keyword, placement, & etc...).

You need to set your targeting to "Target and bid" if you want your ads to get shown only on the interest criteria.

You can find this setting under Display Network > Targeting.

Re: Mismatched # of Conversions?

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Hi Taewoo 

This is a great question and something that confused me for a long time too. 


This is down to your targeting options. 


You have selected target and bid when I believe, from your question, that you intended to use bid only. It's vital that you understand the difference. 


The support document for this is actually the best for describing this difference so I won't try to better it Smiley Happy


I would warn you though, the conversions you are seeing did NOT come from the targeting groups you chose so you might not want to change your bid "method" until you understand the difference. 


Happy to discuss this further with you or answer any additional questions you have. 


Re: Mismatched # of Conversions?

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Thanks for that Kevin and Dave

1) I checked. They were set to bid & target... except for age.


2) how do the bids work if you have multiple targeting options (say keyword, topic, interest, and demo) AND they're all set to bid only AND the user can belong to one of many target categoris? It seem to me that this would be quite confusing and not the best way to get the best bang for the buck. Wouldn't it make sense to have one targeting option per GDN campaign?

3) I noticed something in adwords editor. What does display network custom bid type signify ? Especially if I am using "Target and Bid"?