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Mirrored campaigns

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I'm trying an experiment with the same keywords in two campaigns with each campaign a different match type:

Campaign A, keywords, +Modifief broad match

Campaign B, keywords, [Exact match] 

My goal is to at the same time still generate keywords ideas and still see if I can get a higher CTR, Conversions and reduce the costs. 


This is the first time I'm working with mirrored campaigns, so I'm a bit unsure if I'm doing it the 'correct way'.


To not let the campaigns bid against eachother I added the exact matched keywords to the Modified Broad match keywords campaigns as negative keywords. I read this in the following blog: (step 3). 


My question is: is this the way to make sure you don't bid against yourself? Do you have any pointers for me or tips?


If you need any more information, please let me know!


Thank you.


Kind regards,


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Re: Mirrored campaigns

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You don't bid against yourself...

Google looks at the keywords in your account that could trigger an ad impression and decides which one to present in the wider auction with other advertisers - it is only at this point that your bid is then "challenged" by others.

Of course, this assumes that you are bidding the same amount on your two keywords - if you bid $1 on one and $2 on the other, then the $2 keyword will have preference, it's fair that Google assumes that if you bid more on one version of the keyword, you want that one to have priority. but if you are worried that by having two versions of the keyword in your account you essentially bid against yourself and push up what you will have to pay for the click - that doesn't happen. Your account might submit the $2 keyword, but if your competitor is bidding $0.50 you would still only pay $0.51....

Re: Mirrored campaigns

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Steve already answered your question. It can also done by creating separate ad group for each match type in the same campaign . In BMM match type ad group you can add Exact match keyword as negative keyword.

Just a suggestion.