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Minimum number of sitelinks required

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As far as I am aware minimum 3 sitelinks are required in each campaign for them to show.


Please let me know if this is correct.


Would Google show sitelinks if I have only 1 or 2 assigned to them.



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Re: Minimum number of sitelinks required

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HI Anand p,


First, remember that your ads won't always show sitelinks. Also, when your ads show sitelinks, the format that appears could vary. For instance, anywhere from two to six sitelinks may appear on desktop ads. We consider several factors when determining what types of sitelinks we'll display with your ad, and whether we'll display sitelinks at all. 


I would certainly recommend having at least two sitelinks applied to your campaign to have the best chance of them showing. 


Here are some more tips to improve your chances of showing sitelinks:

  • Keep sitelinks text short.
  • Add the maximum amount of sitelinks you can to your campaign. Adding more sitelinks with different landing pages beyond the minimum required amount (two for desktop, one for mobile) increases the chances that they’ll show.
  • Create sitelinks that send customers to pages that are relevant to your product or service.
  • Make sure your sitelink URLs direct to unique landing pages, with unique content. Sitelinks within a campaign that point to the same content won't show.
  • Improve the Quality Score of your keywords. Ads are more likely to appear with sitelinks where the ad has a position directly above or below Google search results, and where the keyword has a very high Quality Score.
  • Make sure your sitelinks are all approved. Check the Status column next to each sitelink to make sure it says "Approved." Edit or remove any sitelinks that say "Disapproved."



Re: Minimum number of sitelinks required

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As Kathleen stated below, this is true. What I also would recommend is to use the new callout extension. These are exactly like sitelinks but appear 100% of the time. They also have a greater affect on qs. Unlike sitelinks though they don't need a url or description lines so be very selective on what you use for the headline. I would also recommend putting 2 at ad group level and 2 at campaign level, this is due to the fact that google allows 4 spaces but only 2 from each level to be used.

I hope this helps Smiley Happy