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Meta Descriptions in organic Google search results

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For our paid advertisements, the meta descriptions that come up under the title of the company are changeable.  In the organic search results, some of the results come up with meta descriptions that we can't find anywhere on our site.  We also recently overhauled most of our website, including descriptions. Does anyone have experience with this?  Is it possible that Google has a cache of old descriptions and is not updating the search results?


We have also spoken to our web developer and they are also not sure where it is coming from.






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Re: Meta Descriptions in organic Google search results

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Hello Ellie,


Welcome to the community.


I don't believe the organic sitelinks have to be based on the meta descriptions, Google can just create them using your on-page content as they see fit. You are correct in thinking that they might be a cache of older descriptions though.


If nobody can help you here then I suggest asking on the Webmaster Central community as it's better suited for your question.

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Re: Meta Descriptions in organic Google search results

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Hi there Ellie, 

This article from the Webmaster Tools site might help explain the situation you are experiencing, it is on "Site Title and Description". 


Hope this helps!



Re: Meta Descriptions in organic Google search results

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Google may show old data.

Google sometime use different information from website to show them together to look it relevant to users.

It may also show information from open directory.