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Measuring Video

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Hi everyone,


I've recently started doing some video advertising and one of the things I'm struggling with is trying to measure the results.


In the Adwords interface it shows 'website clicks' but I'm not really sure where to actually find the results of those clicks in Google Analytics.  They don't show up in the Adwords reports or anything.  Is there any way to see this information?


It would be nice to see something like view-through conversions or people who visit the site after seeing a video.  Without that info, it's really hard to gauge video's effectiveness.


What strategies do you all use to measure the effectiveness of video?  

Re: Measuring Video

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A good question! I´ve raised it before here, and asked people at Google about it.

The sad short answer: there are glitches between AdWords for Video and Analytics at the time. But they are working on a fix.

If you wanna measure conversions, you better use the conversion tracking code (or perhaps just import a goal from Analytics, but I do believe that is somewhat more risky).


So, you can get a click from an AfV Campaign in several ways:

a) a click on your video (yes the video itself) as it is playing (I think that actually only applies to In-Stream)

b) a click on an overaly

c) a click on a banner (advanced attributes)


I do believe at least one of those imports your tracking parameters as normal (auto-tagging) but I am not really sure which one, and I do think you should tagg your links manually in any case.


A but confusing, sorry, hope that helped anyway