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Match Types

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Hello Experts,


"Nike Shoes in Toronto"

[Nike Shoes in Toronto]

+Nike +Shoes +in +Toronto


Can I put single keyword with different match types in single Ad Group like above. if yes, are they competing one another or not? How it will run? Suppose Search term is Nike Shoes in Toronto. Which keyword will get impression or click on it? May I know the internal work process of these Match types?


I Knew, I am asking silly question, but I have confusion.


Warm Regards

Re: Match Types

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Hi Lisa,


Here's an article regarding this topic. It says "If you have a keyword that is identical to the search term, the system will prefer to use this keyword to trigger an ad. This is true even if there are other keywords in your ad group that are similar to the search term."


There are also a few threads about this, you might try checking them as well (for example, this one is quite extensive).


However, you can as well go this way and see which keword performs better:


3 ad groups:

1. +broad +match (negative keywords with "phrase match" and [exact match]

2. "phrase match" (negative keyword with [exact match]

3. [exact match]


Of course I'm not telling you should do this for all of your keywords, but it might make sense for the most important ones Smiley Happy


Hope this helps.


Milda Prušinskaitė