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I want to ask a simple question to the community.

Why are keywords kept in exact match type?

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Re: Match Type

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I do not quite follow your question.


There are four main match types broad, broad match modifier phrase and exact.


This article will provide some information on each.


If thi isn't what you're looking for please provide a bit more information and I will certainly help in any way I can.

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September 2015

Re: Match Type

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Hi Saurav,


If I understood your question correctly, exact match type keywords are those with the highest level of precedence and when someone enters the exact query which you have inside your account in exact macth type, the relevancy of that query would match exactly to your keyword and there are chances that your ad might have a higher ad position than those competiting against you.


Higher relevancy is certainly which Google is looking for when ad auction is performed and the more the relevancy is, more are the chances of getting qualified traffic to your website with qualified ROI.


Just a thought!