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Massive drop in impressions

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I uploaded new ads for some of my ad groups, and paused the ads that have already been running. Since then, I had a significant drop in the impressions in these ad groups, although the CTR, avg. pos. a and quality score didn't change. 


Do you have any ideas what could have caused this significant drop in the impressions and how can I deal with it?





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September 2015

Re: Massive drop in impressions

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HI Iddo,

The simplest explanation here is that since you have uploaded new ad copies to your account while pausing all the older ads, your accounts QS is being recalculated basis the relevance between the new ad copies, keywords and the landing pages.

Your Quality score is something that is calculated every time your ad enters an auction and in your case, the QS for all your keywords is being built and will take time to come up to the same mark as before.

So I would recommend that you let your ad copies and overall campaign run for sometime and check at regular intervals if your impressions and clicks have improved overtime (a day to day analysis in the dimensions tab should help you do this).

You could also try and push your bids for the historically top performing or traffic garnering keywords and check if it makes a difference but waiting for your QS to build up is the ideal way here.

Hope this Helps!


Shashank Singh, AdWords Rising Star |
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