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Massive business calls

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I am having good business thru ads thru adword I want it to explode massive what step shall i take with calculated risk on ad expense. I am currently spending $300.00 a mo on adword



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September 2015

Re: Massive business calls

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Hi Haresh S,


As with any business growth you need to take some risks but you don't have to just throw caution to the wind and increase your spend by 1000%. 


I would suggest looking at a few things first to see what kind of situation you are currently sitting in.


Have a look at your impression share by budget. This will let you know what % of impressions you are currently getting for your campaigns. If you are sitting at 100% already it's going to take more careful planning to get the same kind of ROI as you are already. If it's at 50%, you know you could double your budget and the ROI "should" stay reasonably similar to it is already. You may need to customize your columns to see this data if it's not already on your campaign overview pages. The columns button is just under the keywords tab.


What is your current targeting? Can this be increase in the same country you are in? This is another way to open the campaigns up and get the additional traffic.


These would probably be the 1st couple of things I'd be looking at so have a look and let me know if you have any other questions. Good luck getting the campaigns working harder for you ;-)