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Mark's 'Online psychologist counseling service' is looking for Community tips

Zee Community Manager
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Zee Community Manager
Community Manager
Hello Community Experts,
I'm pleased to introduce you to Mark, who is participating in the Back to business online optimization. Welcome, Mark!
Mark is the business owner of He runs his AdWords account himself.
Web-Psychs provides an online psychologist counseling service for adults and children. In addition to his own services as a medical psychologist, he has two PhD clinical psychologist partners; a 'relationship' specialist and a child psychologist. Both partners are multilingual but native Russian speakers and are based respectively in Moldova and Norway. They offer therapy via Skype for a wide range of psychological issues in both English and Russian languages. His website is currently only in English but he hopes to find a mechanism to make a language choice at 'sign-in' for visitors to the site.  
His campaign is currently set for English only, but Mark would like to learn how to target both English and Russian speaking countries. He wishes to restart a highly targeted AdWords campaign.
Here is a list of optimization goals that Mark would like to get your help with:
1. Geo-targeting and language targeting
2. Campaign structure and keywords 
3. Increase conversions via Skype
3. How to keep his 'website contact form'  free from very frequent spam responses
I would like to now open the room for all of you and ask you to provide Mark with useful tips to get his AdWords account up and running.
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Re: Mark's 'Online psychologist counseling service' is looking for Community tips

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Hi All!

Many thanks for having a look at this!!

Re: Mark's 'Online psychologist counseling service' is looking for Community tips

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Do you have the site already built in Russian?


Why not just Target the English ads to the English version landing page and the Russian ads to the russian version?


Then all you would have to do is on each of the versions stick two icons up at the top Englands/America's Flag and the Russian flag. Then put Language selection next to it. The hyperlinks would just target to the appropriate version of the site.


Make sense or did I loose you?


Or are you looking for something else?





Re: Mark's 'Online psychologist counseling service' is looking for Community tips

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Hi Mark,


Welcome To Community!


I agree with Seth to  Target the English ads to the English version landing page and the Russian ads to the russian version. 


Firstly, I would suggest to do enhanced keyword research & bifurcate them in to tightly themed adgroups. You can get keyword ideas with the help of Google Keyword Tool (which you will find under tool & navigation tab on Top navigation bar).


You can also check Google Insights  for search to get keyword ideas.

While creating a new campaign, I would also suggest to use choose correct campaign type i.e. All Features.


Either you can create a single campaign and keep all adgroups in this campaign itself. Or you can create campaigns on the basis of "High in Demad" psychological counseling & "Low in demand" Counseling services. This way you can allocate for example 60% budget to Popular services and 40% budget to less popular services.


Adgroups such as:
Anxiety Counselling
Depression Counselling
Anger Management Counseling
Marital Counseling
Behavioural Psychologists
Online Marriage Counselor
Personality Disorder
Relationship Issues
Online Depression Therapy


I would also recommed to create one campaign for general terms such as


Psychological Counseling
Online Psychological Counseling
Clinical Psychologist
Find A Psychologist
Online Psychotherapist
Certified Psychologists


Note: Above is just a thought. It's upon you, you can create one campaign containing all adgroups OR you can create seperate campaigns and allocate seperate budget.


Once you create good list of keywords and adgroups. Next step is to select keywords match type to go with. I would suggest you to start will all available match type. Once you accumulate some stats over the period of time, you can analyze search term reports and can take a decision on which match type is performing best for your business model. And then you can optimize your campaign accordingly.


Now moving to negative keywords:


I would also suggest to add "negative terms" to block queries for irrelevany terms. Initally while doing keywords research you will came across lot of terms which you feel is not beneficial for you and you don't want your ads to be triggered for those keywords such as job, jobs, salary, salaries, free. (These are just examples, you need to be very careful while choosing negative keywords.)


I would suggest you to add minimum two adcopies in your adgroups with clear message and strong call to action. I would also recommend to create adcopies specific to keywords associated with adgroups. It is also advisable to use relevant landing page.


When user types a search query - Sees your ads matching to his/her query - lands to relevant landing page with the his/her query - improves chances of getting leads.


You can also use Ad extensions such as Sitelink extension & Call extension.


I can see "Contact Form" link in your website. It would be great if you can keep small "Contact Us form" on the right/left side in your landing pages. Set up conversion tracking to track leads that coming your way via contact form is really important. When you will setup converson tracking, you will get a "javascript code" that you need to install on your "contact form thank you page".


In order to target mobile users, you can create a seperate campaign tageted to "Mobile Devices". I would recommend to keep seperate campaign for "Desktop/Computers" & "Mobile Devices". You will find these settings under campaign settings tab.


Since you are already running campaign on Display network which is actually improved in last couple of days. But with recent changes and updates in display targeting and increase competition in search, proper display targeting campaigns do help u in direct responses with technologies like re-targeting, topic, interest categories targeting etc.


1. Managed Placement – Select pacements websites with the help of Placement Tool realted to your "services", you can target these placements in two ways:


>> Contextually Targeting – we can targeted managed placement , using your services relevant keywords with tightly themed ad-groups. Campaign setting would be "Specific Reach: where ads are been served only when keyword & managed placement targeted is matched"


>> Run of the network - We can also run ads on the managed placements without keywords. In this case we can even targeted specific pages of the managed placements. Campaign setting would be "Specific Reach: where ads are been served only when keyword & managed placement targeted is matched"

2. Interest Based Targeting – GDN provides clusters of audience across a broad list of interest categories. Read more here

3. Re-marketing technology is one of the cost effective of branding and promoting products and helps in brand recall among users/visitors. Read more here 

4. Topic Targeting: You can also target topics that relates to your services. Read more here


Some Optimization Process Includes:

> Analyze search query every few days and weed out any underperforming keywords
> Look of negative keywords at campaign as well as adgroup level
> Reasearch new keywords from search query, opportunities tab etc.
> Test new adcopies every few weeks in order to achieve better CTR.
> Maintain relevancy between search terms and keywords by looking in to search query reports
> Optimize display network and exclude under performing placements at campaign and also optimize it at adgroup level.
> Bid Management to maintain Top Positions


I hope above of my some thoughts helps you in some manner.





Neha Gupta, AdWordsTop Contributor Follow Me: My Blog | Twitter | Google+ | LinkedIn
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Re: Mark's 'Online psychologist counseling service' is looking for Community tips

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Top Contributor Alumni

Hi Mark,


I have a few ideas that might help you improve the campaign performance but it would be helpful if you could give us a bit more information. Do you have any particular countries you target or is it worldwide?


In terms of campaign structure I’ll run from what Zee mentioned as worldwide English and Russian speakers.

I would set up a campaign for each target country to be able to manage budget, location and language settings. It also makes it easy to see which countries are performing well.

Every country will have a different auction landscape. CPC’s will be cheaper in some countries than in others so by having separate country campaigns you can easily implement separate bidding strategies depending on their performance.


If you are not doing this already you can use the dimensions tab to look at the geographic areas where you are getting your clicks and conversions from. This could really help you decide on which markets might be the best for your advertising budget.

In each campaign I would include AdGroups for each of your main services. The Quick Links on your home page describe how the AdGroups could be named quite well.


Are the quick links pages used as landing pages in your AdWords campaign?


If so, we need to really think about getting some strong calls to action on these pages. People love being told what to do (indirectly) and we need to make the pages direct them into making contact or booking your services.


At the bottom of the content (or at the side) it would be a good idea to add either a simple contact form with a title “Get Help From One Of Our Bereavement Counselors Now” to encourage people to get in touch. They have read the content, give them some direction on what to do next. You’ll be surprised how big an effect this can have on the conversion rate of a page like these.


As Neha mentioned (and I do the same) start out with all available match types as they all perform differently and need to be managed separately. Generally exact match terms will have the best performance, but it’s not always the case. Broad and Phrase match are really good at helping picking up new terms to be added to the campaigns and you can find these in your search terms report.


When looking at negatives, Neha again has some good suggestions with some blanket industry negatives. I also use the keyword tool to see what Google thinks is relevant but isn’t. Look through these and it will help give you more ideas to add more negatives to the account. Your search term report is one of the best places to look for the new negatives and you can continue doing this on a regular basis until your campaigns are super targeted.


Ad Copy – Run at least 2 ads per AdGroup. Monitor their performance and then create new ads based on the best ads performance. Try using dynamic keyword insertion to see how these work for you. Be careful as you still need to make sure your ads make sense so if you read the info on the link it will help you out.


I'll come back and add some more to this but if you could give us some more insights Mark, it would help us to help you ;-)

Re: Mark's 'Online psychologist counseling service' is looking for Community tips

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Hi Mark,


You have received some of the great advices from Adwords experts above Smiley Happy


Without repeating what has been said above, I would like to point on the concern you have regarding repeating spam responses via your contact form available on the website. I was going through your website and found that the Contact form doesn't contain any captcha. It is a method by which humans are distinguished from spammers who fill up the form in bulk just to spread and market their own products.


Hence, my small piece of advice for you would to include Captcha in your form so that spam emails which you are receiving via contact forms are reduced. There is an initiative from Google called Recaptcha, which you can use to implement this code inside your website. More information could be found here and here as well.


Hope this helps a bit!


Re: Mark's 'Online psychologist counseling service' is looking for Community tips

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Google Employee

There have already been some brilliant responses here from the community, thanks to everyone who has posted so far! 


One thing in terms of increasing conversions that might help, could be to use Enhanced Cost Per Click bidding. Enabling this feature allows the system to bid higher on better conerting keywords for you and lower on less well converting keywords, so you make the most of your keyword bids. ECPC will only increase your bid by up to 30% so you won't lose all control of your bidding!


NB - it is important to have accrued some conversion data before trying this feature, so I would advise trying out the other suggestions here first, then in a few weeks trying out ECPC for a trial period.


More info on ECPC is here



Re: Mark's 'Online psychologist counseling service' is looking for Community tips

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WOOO; Many nice ideas within 3 days...

So, I will not suggest again ideas that have already raised in other posts: I will focus only on two aspects:


  • If you target, locally, in non-English language, the landing page content / text should be in the language spoken in the Geo-region targeted .
  • Another point is regulatory / Policy related: in many European countries you must comply with regulatory requirements to provide or to advertise psychologist counseling services. Make sure that you are fully in compliance, and present the relevant credentials and licenses on your site: (i.e. I did not see on your site credentials and registration certificates of the therapists providing the consultation)


Moshe, AdWords Top Contributor , Twitter | Linkedin | Community Profile | Ad-Globe
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Re: Mark's 'Online psychologist counseling service' is looking for Community tips

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Just a note of thanks for the many helpful suggestions which I will now examine in more detail and figure out how to implement. All have made excellent suggestions, and May I just single out Neha who everyone esle cited for the in depth response. I may need to find a technical person to assist in implementation As startinga campaign itslef was a technical challenge and now these more indpeth suggestions remind me of some of the complexities I had not consdiered. For the moment htough jst a sincere thanks to all of you and through you to the success of the campaign and most importnatly to those who are inneed of the servie and can now find it more easily! Cheers, mark 

Re: Mark's 'Online psychologist counseling service' is looking for Community tips

Zee Community Manager
Community Manager
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Zee Community Manager
Community Manager
Thank you, Mark, for your participation, and to all of you, for great suggestions.