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Many long tail keywords with very less search queries

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I want to use adwords for a geo targeted keyword. Search volume for my keywords are very low and most of them are Long tail keywords.


Now i want to rank for all the Long tail keywords. 


Eg: My keyword is, Samsung mobile price in Florida, now i want my ad to appear for all the keywords like Samsung s3 price Florida, Florida Samsung S2 price, Florida Samsung S4 lowest price etc. etc.


Can it be done using Phrase match or Broad match. Please Help.


Thank You.

Re: Many long tail keywords with very less search queries

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Hello Rahul M ! Welcome to the Adwords Forum


With the phrase match or BMM for the words in this keyword Samsung mobile price in Florida , you will not match with any of your examples


Samsung s3 price Florida

Florida Samsung S2 price

Florida Samsung S4 lowest price


If your budget is low , I recommend using phrase matches and negative keyword list to exclude keywords like , "low prices" or "cheap samsung"


If your budget allows you to find more search terms used by visitors, go with a BMM of +Samsung +mobile +price +Florida , but if you also need to land on models like s2, s3,s4 you need to replace +mobile with the model number, thus leading to 3 keywords


+Samsung +s2 +price +Florida

+Samsung +s4 +price +Florida

+Samsung +s4 +price +Florida


BMM will match with more search terms ( expressions typed by searchers) than the phrase match, thus leading to more expressions that you might not find useful for sales.


Re: Many long tail keywords with very less search queries

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Thanks Adrian for the warm welcome.


Actually i would have used Phrase match here but the problem is that i am from a country where search volumes are extremely low. With phrase match, i have very less phrases with search volume of above 100 visits per month. 


I have also setup a blog on the same niche and there i found that almost 85% of my visits are long tails with only 1-2 visits per month.


Should i go with phrase match or would i use BMM with Negative keywords.