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Managing a Campaign

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I have started a branding for a certain client of mine and the problem i am facing is that the cost is very high and i am not getting any conversion. All the keywords in the campaign are in exact match type.

Can anyone suggest me how can i optimize this campaign so that i can reduce the cost and increase the conversion of this branding campaign. 

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September 2015

Re: Managing a Campaign

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Hi Saurav,

What type of campaign do you have? Search/Display ? Let us know.

If your primary focus is branding then why are you bothering about conversion?if you want conversion then i will suggest you to create another campaign with targeted keywords.


Display network is verymuch effective for branding purpose.



Re: Managing a Campaign

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Well, if its a brand campaign, that about covers it.


However, if its for products or services, you could try using long tail and modified broad match keywords.


Eg. instead of [shoes], you could put [buy shoes online]


or +order +shoes +online


look at the engagement on the website. are people doing something, or do they bounce off, etc

Re: Managing a Campaign

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Hi Saurav, further to the replies already received, I always like to say that conversion problems are typically at least as much about the website as they are the AdWords account.  There could be nothing whatsoever wrong with your AdWords configuration; if the website itself is not well-built to receive AdWords visitors, then the poor conversion rates could be entirely down to this, not AdWords.


What sort of time on site, bounce rates and pages/visit are you seeing for your Keywords?  Do customers buy online?  Where are they leaving the site?



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