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Managed Placement Bids

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Hi, My Display  campaign is focused on Conversion Optimizer, can I set a bid for managed placements?


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September 2015

Re: Managed Placement Bids

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Hi PracticalPinay,


Simple answer is NO. With conversion optimizer we can not set bid for individual placements and keywords. We can only set bids at adgroup level. 


If the placements you are bidding on are not so many.. you can create seperate adgroups for each placements and then can control bid by setting up "Adgroup Bid". This is what I am doing with one of my client adwords account. And for me it is working great. Although you need to make changes accordig to your campaign performence  and business model. Somtimes one or two placement consume most part of the budget and other placement not get chance to perform. Judge & Optimize!!


Hope that make sense!!




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