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Manage Placements Only Campaigns

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I want to split my content network campaigns into two campaigns. One focussed on managed placements (websites with high relevance and ROI) and one campaign focussed on discovering new opportunites at low cost. I want to control budgets,   thats why I prefer two campaigns instead of two adgroups.


question 1 is - this a best practice as far content network goes ?


question 2 - If yes, how do I select Managed Placements alone. Somehow, I am unable to figure this out.


question 3- I am assuming that spliting into two campaign with similar keywords might cause some competiton within campaigns...However, the difference in placement should take care of the clash. Is my assumption valid.


Please advice.









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Re: Manage Placements Only Campaigns

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Hi Balaji S,


Welcome to the community.


  • Yes it is a good campaign management for content network to create two seperate campaigns for Automatic Placement & Managed Placement.At first you run your campaign with Automatic Placement with proper targeting(Like : Keyword +Topic),Then after 2-3 weeks pull out the placement data and find out those placements/websites from which you are getting maximum response.Then create a seperate campaign and put those websites under managed placement.


  • To use the managed placement :

        > Select the particuler display campaign & adgroup

        >Then go to display network Tab

        > Under the display network tab select Placement

        > Click on Managed Placement

        >Select "+Display Targeting Tab"

Then you can insert multiple placement at a time by clicking on the "Add Multiple Placement At Once".


  • You need not add keywords for Managed palcement campaign as you know those websites (or the particuler pages of the websites that you are inserting under managed palcement) are highly relevent for your business.But you need to be ensure that you are bidding competitively.


Just my thoughts

















Re: Manage Placements Only Campaigns

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Hi there;

I would not have 2 campaigns on the display network, since keywords work as a theme. So, actually you have similar campaigns: one with broader reach (auto placements), and one with narrower reach (managed placements);


As suggested by Shuva, I would start with auto placements; and when found the best performing sites, switch to managed placements; (but also include keywords to find pages on those site with themes that match the them of the keywords)

Moshe, AdWords Top Contributor , Twitter | Linkedin | Community Profile | Ad-Globe
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Re: Manage Placements Only Campaigns

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Yes you can seperate.  I spent over an hour yesterday trying to figure out how to exclude traffic coming via automatic placements even though I setup managed placements, which I thought I should share with you.


Ideally, if you choose keywords to target these placements, you need to select the adgroup & placements tab under display.


Then look for the button that says "bidding - use default bids"


This needs to be changed - to "enable custom bids"


Once you have done this you can reduce the default CPC for display to $0.01 at adgoup level - and have custom bids for your placements.


This will ensue you only get traffic on the specific placements & your other campaign for auto placements can run at far lower bid levels.


Hope that is helpful.