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Major drop in impressions

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Hello People!


We are facing a major issue in all our campaigns.


Our CTRs have decreased down drastically because of the positioning of ads in the footer area even if Google AdWords dashboard reports position between 2 & 4.


We investigated further by taking our top performing keywords (in terms of clicks) and we find that PLA ads are being shown in place of search ads on the right-slot. Which creates lower CTR as majority of users will not scroll the page till bottom.


Searched on Google further and we have found there is some testing going on with product listing ads. (We read this on Search Engine Land & Channel Advisor).

Below is the screenshot of ads displayed when searched on Google (Non Signed version) on high search volume based keyword: What is actually happening is that Only advertiser with position 1 is able to showcase his ad and rest advertiser's ads are showing on footer area or on second page.






Re: Major drop in impressions

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I performed the same search and see nothing. My point is switch to search ads from product ads.

Re: Major drop in impressions

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My concern is not PLA ads (to be or not to be shown).

My concern is the positioning of text ads.

On any normal day, ads layout on like this - 11 ads (3 on top and rest 8 on the right side).

Currently, if you make 10 searches (after clearing your cache cookies everytime and non signed in). Text ads are positioned like (1 on Top, 2 on the footer area and no right side ads.)

Due to this, ads from position 2 and onwards are not seen by users and hence a lower CTR.

What is exactly causing this, is there any Google testing going on?