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Major Drop in Clicks & phone calls (Don't know why?) Google Stumped?

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I seem to have stumped the Google Adwords Consultants.  Still waiting for a review of my account as to why a Major drop off from Thur. &; Fri. and Two other Thurs. this month, have 0 clicks.  No keywords changes or setting changes., Ads showing.  All of their replies "looking into possible technical issues", have not been supported.  In the mean time, our carpet cleaning service which normally recieves 3-6 clicks per day at this time a year is receiving nill to none!  Ads all showing in 2nd position, and I can't get any suggestions from the Google Customer Service People.  Any ideas?  PS:   Changed, no settings, and the usual red flag issues, suggested are not real issuses.  In face inaccurate assumptions?  They were supost to respond by 5 pm on Fri. 9/27, it is now noon on Mon. 9/28.  HELLO?  This is my income on hold.  Is there a chance to have Google Rep. compare competitive other two industries in our field, for activity level in Sept.?




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Re: Major Drop in Clicks & phone calls (Don't know why?) Google

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Good afternoon.


You can try using Google Trends to do your own competitive traffic analysis.


Aside from that, I've seen "sea changes" in account performance myself occasionally. I suggest that you try shaking things up a bit, to see if you can spark some activity. Add a new ad variation to your Ad Group(s) to see if different messaging draws the traffic.  Test some new keywords that your potential customers might be searching on. Adjust your sitelinks--point them to different pages on your website or, better yet, add a page of two of new website content and point the sitelinks there.  


The competitive landscape doesn't stand still--competition comes and goes from the marketplace and other advertising campaigns appear that might be taking the clicks you want. You might find it necessary to "refurbish" your campaign occasionally in order to stay competitive. (This is especially true if you haven't changed your ad messaging in a while.)


Those are my first thoughts--hope they help.





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Re: Major Drop in Clicks

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Thank You, this advice makes more sense than the "stab in the dark"
approach google reps. come up with that are usually way off base. After
reviewing my web page and re-editing, I noticed the "Snippet" for our
Canton page, noted a bunch of other cities. I am not sure I wrote this, or
my web designer for Word Press did? But the major problem right now is
that we are not getting calls from Canton, and this city is clearly