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Made changes to Campaign and 1st page bid estimate skyrocketed - help

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My campaign has been about the same for the past two years - one ad group contains one ad and 28 keywords and the other ad group contains a different ad and 14 keywords.  The quality score averaged less than 5.  In order to increase the quality scores, I thought it would be better to divide the keywords and make them more relevant to the ads. Today I created four ad groups, one with three ads, one with two ads, and two with one ad each. I divided the keywords among the ad groups. The new quality scores show an increase, however ...


Yesterday, the first page bid estimate was averaging $1.03. Now it is averaging $3.20.  Is there a reason for this?  Is there a chance they will decrease?


I appreciate any help available.

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Re: Made changes to Campaign and 1st page bid estimate skyrocketed - h

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Hello there;

  • I would put aside for a moment the "estimate for first page bid"  (since it is  an "estimate" - not an actual CPC) and look at the actual price you paid. If the QS has improved, then you should pay less per click - has the cost per click reduced?
  • What happened to the CTR after dividing into ad-groups- has it improved?


And an important point: let the system run for a few days, after making the changes, so it would reach its "new steady state". Only then we could analyze the data. At the moment, we are  in a "transit" mode.

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