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Low volume search keywords

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Hi I have 1 question : 


When I search a low search volume keyword I see my ad is low position. How to improve my keyword position ? Because it low volume keyword so I increase bid for this keyword, it not work. 


Welcome your ideas. 


Thank you very much.

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Re: Low volume search keywords

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Hi Khan,


I for one usually keep low search volume keywords because they may result in some additional profit no matter how small it is. Hoewever I would not care for the ad position very much, well, due to the low volume. If you have a deep pocket raising the bid will be an immediate remedy once you've exceeded a certain threshhold. The right approach is, of course, improving your Quality Score via optimization techniques but that's time-consuming. 




Re: Low volume search keywords

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Hi KhanhLa,


Thanks for your question. Keywords marked as "Low search volume" are associated with very little search traffic on Google, an indication that they're not very relevant to most customers' searches. If the number of search queries for these keywords increases even a small amount, they'll be reactivated and will start triggering your ads to show again. Our system checks and updates this status once per week.


As Lakatos mentioned, increasing the bid of the keyword is the quickest way to improve average position. This should then improve CTR which will in turn improve the quality score of the keyword. 


I hope this helps.