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Low volume keywords that I need to keep.

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I have just taken over an account with many low volumne keywords. One set of these are exact part numbers for our products that are set as broad match terms. This would make sense to me at least at  a glance because if anyone Googles our part#, by itself or along with any other text, we would want to trigger an ad as that would be an almost certain conversion.


The issue is that these numbers will not trigger an ad due to low search volumne. Also I notce that these terms have varying quality scores from 5/10 to 10/10. The only explanation for that I can think of is that we rotate the featured items on our front page (where all these ads land) so perhaps the high score ones were featured when the page was crawled/indexed? Would it behoove me to have each one land on the exact page for that part? Or does that help at all since they are still going to be "low search volumne"? Another possiblity might be the format of the part number. Perhaps if I parsed out common formats of the parts numbers I coudl broad match on just the common string.


For instance if we have fifty parts that have the format ABCXYZ1234 where the numbers change but the letters stay the same I could use ABCXYZ as a broad match keyword? The issue with that of course as it gets less exact I am more likely to get compltetly unrelated traffic?


Any ideas?

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Re: Low volumne keywords that I need to keep.

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Hi scotth7a9 and welcome to the forum.  Firstly may I compliment you on the use of the word "behoove"; it's been many years since I've heard or read that in print.


It's a great question but I'm not sure I'm going to be able to give you a satisfactory (certainly not a quick) answer.  Let's look at the Quality Scores first.  Quality Scores (QS) are made up from a variety of metrics and not all of them are under your control. The primary metric for a good QS is CTR (both live and historical) but there is also a factor of how relevant the Keyword is.  Relevancy in this aspect is not only about how relevant the keyword is to the search term entered but also to the Ad triggered and the landing page.  If the Ads don't feature that Keyword, nor does the landing page, I imagine Relevancy could be dragging some of these QSs down.


As to how you solve the low volume issue, I guess the first question I'd ask is "Is Adwords actually going to be effective for you?".  It's hard to tell without seeing raw figures, but if these part numbers are all low volume and are not producing a positive ROI from their clicks and conversions, then they could be doing your overall account more harm than good.  Sure, it'd be good to have your Ad come up for a particular part number but in truth I would expect your webpage to come up in the organic results for such a precise term.


Unfortunately, Adwords has no "wildcard" feature so the idea of a Keyword such as "ABCXYZ" to trigger on ABCXYZ1234 won't work.


Have a think about the following:


  1. Do consider whether Adwords is a good fit for these annoying part numbers.  
  2. If your web page for a product isn't showing up organically against a searched part number, find out why and fix it.
  3. Try using Dynamic Keyword Insertion in your Ad(s) to ensure better relevancy Ad to Keyword.
  4. Do - very much so - have each part number keyword landing directly on the page for that part (use Keyword level destination URLs).


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Re: Low volumne keywords that I need to keep.

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Cobnut, thank you for your reply.


I am editing this to make a correction. In some cases the number is our part number, in others it is an OEM number. There are so many other sites with the same number that we are not first page in most SEO results. I am wondering if it might not be better to add the manufactuar's name as well. For instance for the part 123xyz made by Google, set the keyword to Google 123xyz instead? Since there are no ads returned for the part number (not just us no ads are triggered) it would be real boon if I could get an ad to be shown.


I agree with you that getting an SEO result for the part number would be useful. It turns out we do not show up for these currently, I'm not sure why, they do exist on our site. Am I correct in assuming that the days of just adding a page full of part numbers would work? Would that not be considered "spammy" by Google.


The part numbers are listed in a pdf that is avaliable on our site for download, would that be crawled by Google? I was under the impression they now crawled pdf files? Would it make sense to create an HTML version of the catalog and include it as part of our site?

Re: Low volumne keywords that I need to keep.

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Part number bidding pointing to the exact product page (and not home page) is I think one of these "advertiser's secret weapon" Smiley Happy


I've been using this for multiple industries and it always had a great impact.

Click volumes were really low, but boy CTR and conversion rates have always been phenomenal...

(I even have had entire accounts with exclusively OEM keywords)


There are many reasons why someone would be looking for a part number; The visitor might have visited a webstore that doesn't have the product in stock or can't ship it. The visitor might have seen in in a real store and would like to see if its cheaper to get it online, and the mother lode... The visistor who knows what he wants and wants 200 of it..................!


My point is the visitor is very likely to be at the end of his buying cycle and the less clicks between search and basket, the better...


We see many of them (incl. OEM numbers) showing "low search volume" but still generating a few impressions every now and then and a few clicks too, resulting in high CTR (and ostentatious conversion rates) which, when combined with high QS, has a high chance of entering the auction more regularly over time.


As per how to set them up, the more variants, the better ; might want to avoid broad though (in case google associates the OEM part with a specific search term which defies the purpose of the exercise)... but I would create 1 adgroup for each OEM containing the OEM in phrase and exact (standalone and even combined with call to actions or even the manufacturer's name, just increase the likelihood of entry point) with slightly higher CPC bids than your other more competitive adgroups.


Note that in case you have thousands of Ad Groups running with OEM number keywords you might see low ROI levels at the beginning because of the time it will take to gather enough visitors to actually "capture" the one that will convert.


Say you have 1,000 adgroups each with its own OEM number Keywords (+variants) and each adgroup generates 2 clicks over a period of say, 1 month, you end up with 2,000 clicks to have to pay for and these will most likely be 2,000 visits from entirely different people.


So I would consider that even 5 orders for 5 different products for these specific visits is an AMAZING result... why? because this means that for these 5 products you only needed 2 visits to generate a transaction... 50% conversion rate!!!


Safe to say that you don't only have 2 products in your catalogue for which you can apply the USP that appeals to your visitors...


(as always.. subject to debate Smiley Wink)


Hope this helps!