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Low traffic using more specific location targeting

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I am currently running an ad campaig advertising quick loans ir Spain. 

The traffic is ofcourse massive.

Therefore I want to segment the market a bit. One of the things I want to do is advertise in specific cities or regions. But when I set the location targeting to Madrid (One of largest regions 10mil. population) I receive very little traffic only about 40 clicks a day with unlimited budget. I even raised the bid quite a bit and the position was 2.0.

Still very little traffic.


Does anyone know why this could be happening? The estimated budget on my keyword list in Spain is around 100,000Eur /month. Then I tought that in one of the largest region I should be able to collect at least 5,000Eur/Month worth of traffic. But that is not the case

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Re: Low traffic using more specific location targeting

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Hi Davis,

The simple logic is: Narrower your target geographic, lesser the traffic and searches.

So even high bid can help you for top positions (if QS is also good) but not compulsorily the traffic.
So still for more traffic with limited targeting, add the ad extensions specially Site links.
Also loose your keywords to phrase, modified broad, and broad but don't forget to use negatives.
Even ad more keywords related to your services including some general keywords.

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Re: Low traffic using more specific location targeting

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Hey Davis, how are things?


When you target big regions and receive low traffic from it (when you know or can expect higher volumes), it's usually related to how restricted your keywords are.


A few things you need to check:


  • If you're running negative keywords, you need to double-check if there are no negative keywords conflicting with your positive ones
  • Keyword Match Type: If you're using mostly Phrase or Exact match types, you may be loosing important variations that you don't have. It's good to have some broad keywords summed with negative keywords so you can look into Search Terms Report and seek for new variations/keywords to add

If you're certain that the volume can be achieved, it's probably some restriction on your settings and usage of Adwords. Take a look on everything, even if you have custom ad schedules. Those can reflect on the final volume.


Hope this helps.



Leandro Martinez

Leandro Martinez | Basta1Click

Re: Low traffic using more specific location targeting

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Hi @Dāvis S!

It's always interesting to hear about quick loan advertising as I was working with this type of accounts quite a lot.

1. I do agree with @leandrofm that it's most probably your campaign settings that prevent your ads from showing in specific regions. However, it's at least theoretically possible that users locations aren't that perfectly set as we wish they were: if IP's are given more or less randomly, users in Madrid can find their IP's set to different cities. I'm not sure how it is in Spain but we're still having this same problem in Lithuania.
2. Are you using cities within your keywords? Do try including them in your country-wide campaign as different keywords (of course, adjusting ad texts as well!), that might have some impact.
3. Dynamic keyword insertion is the way to go, as people usually search for this type of products using quite a few similar but various terms: payday loans, quick loans, online loans, 15 minute loans, etc (here i'm translating some queries from Lithuanian, haven't looked up at keyword planner for your country and language). Just beware using DKI with competitors, of course.
4. Have you checked your impression share for the regional campaigns? Sometimes accelerated delivery can help solving an issue.

Best of luck.

Milda Prušinskaitė

Re: Low traffic using more specific location targeting

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Thank you Milda for the answer!

But unfortunately this is not my campaign settings issue. I have only a few negatives and I use all 3 match types.
If it would be my campaign settings then i would get less impressions also when targeting the whole country.
Of course I expected the traffic to drop when using more specific region but not this dramatically. Spain is 46mil population. Madrid region is 10. So I expected 4-5 times drop. Not 10-20 times.

DSA would unfortunately not work because of my website structure.

I just wanted to know if someone has experienced similar anomalies, because until now all my location specific campaign worked seamlessly. Thanks for the IP insight this is one of the things I was considering as well Smiley Happy

Re: Low traffic using more specific location targeting

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Hello @Dāvis S,

Just for the sake of interest - DSA is not the same as DKI. It would be a bit weird to use dynamic search ads in this field due to the product itself, I do understand this. However, DKI is dynamic keyword insertion which works perfectly in simple search campaigns, just refunes the ad texts including the search terms into ad texts (of course, if they match your keywords). Try them out if you haven't, I found them very useful while managing my campaigns of this nature. 


Milda Prušinskaitė

Re: Low traffic using more specific location targeting

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Yes I didn't read that one right. Of course keyword insertion is used. Also owerall ctrs are good around 12-20% even