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Low search volume changing in to first page bid

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I had a keyword which was showing low search volume,when i moved it to 'low search volume campaign' it displayed the first page bid and i increased the bid which automatically changed to eligible keyword and when I tried to change the same bid in the existing keyword in the same campaign it still shows as low search volume. pls guide


Re: Low search volume changing in to first page bid

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Hi Sulekha,

While the keyword is in Eligible mode, it may not show you as 'low search volume' as Google is still gathering more information about the keyword i.e. how often it is searched by people etc. After some time (may be few minutes to few hours) it will show you if it really has Low Search Volume or not. You can still try to increase the bids to at least show your ad on First page. As and when the searches for this keyword starts to increase your ad will show up.

Hope it helps.