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Low (estimated) QS

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A customer has asked me why several of his KWs (that are performimng well with a large conversion rate of 33% - albeit limited traffic) have dropped from an (estimated) QS of 5 to 1.


The KWs have run for about a month, and since QS for KWs are at first estimated, untill enough data is accumulated, I don't understand why this drop in QS has occured. If the QS was in fact based on the limited traffic the KWs have recieved I would also think the QS to be higher, since the KWs have relatively high CTRs (I do realize that due to the average position of the ads, the CTR values are not particularly impressive - but again, the historical data is very limited).


Data on a few of the KWs:


Keyword A - Clicks: 9 Imp.: 347 CTR: 2,59% pos 1 QS: 1/10

Keyword B - Clicks: 7 Imp.: 117 CTR: 5,98% pos 1,4 QS: 1/10

Keyword C - Clicks: 3 Imp.: 110 CTR: 2,75% pos 1,4 QS: 2/10


The cu does not want to delete these KWs, since he's happy with their performance (disregarding the QS), and I am worried that the KWs will soon stop to trigger the ads because of the very poor QS.

I would really appreciate an explanation on why these KWs have seen this drop in QS and advice on what to do!?

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Low (estimated) QS

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Hi Kristian,

The initial QS is based on expected CTR, which is based on how the keyword has performed for other accounts. If your actual CTR is lower than expected, the QS goes down. To reduce CPC, you'll need a better QS, and that means improving your CTR.

You can improve your CTR by writing ad copy specifically aimed at those keywords.

Best of Luck!

petebardo -- Deadhead doing AdWords

Re: Low (estimated) QS

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To follow on from the excellent response from @perebardo I would just like to say that for an average position of 1, assuming that it's top of the page, your CTR is pretty low in my experience.

While CTR is different in the number 1 spot across all verticals, in my experience, 2.5% is quite low for that slot.

As Pete mentioned, the historical QS across all advertisers comes into play here. Google would rather show NO ADS over low quality ads. If it has seen that certain keywords historically have provided a poor search experience, new advertisers using those keywords will get a default poor quality score until they can "change Google's mind" about them.

Another point to mention is that Google does not take conversion rate into account here. Google doesn't care how well the keywords are performing for the advertiser, just the searcher.

Hope that helps.