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Low ad rank

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Hi Team,


I had a few campaigns performing exceptionally well but the leads were not being captured in our Lead Management System(LMS) . We created a new Landing Page on a new domain, since we did not have access to the clients domain to create a LP and setup a LMS. The leads are being successfully captured, but now the performance of the campaigns has extremely slowed down. The ads are not even showing in the search results most of the times because of the low ad rank. What can I do to optimize these campaigns again? Please Help!


Note: Targeting and Ads are the same as they were when the campaigns were performing well. 

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July 2016

Re: Low ad rank

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@Prasad P

There could be several reasons for that;

  • Seasonality;
  • Competitors bidding higher;
  • But,  since you mentioned that this is a new landing page, and I assume a new campaign, I would suspect that once the campaign gained enough traffic, and the default QS (=6) was replaced by a QS based on  the campaign's own performances - the newly calculated QS, is lower, hence the ad rank fell accordingly;


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