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Low Search Volume - Surprising Facts

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Very suprising facts :


I have no. of LSV keywords , i am taking one as aexample :


[servo voltage stabilizer logicstat]  Bid is Rs. 10.16 QS is 8 CTR is 0%


when i see ad prview for this keyword : report (interface )shows it by my most important keyword : "servo voltagestabilizer" bid is Rs. 45 QS is 6 and CTR is 7.69%


Then i paused the keyword "servo voltagestabilizer" and agin i chked up ad prview for [servo voltage stabilizer logicstat]


It says your ad is not showing.


Very surprising. Then how can we get the CTR for LSV


I am on Linkedin



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Re: Low Search Volume - Surprising Facts

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Hi jeewan G,

LSV (low search volume) means not enough people are searching to it or Google to show your ad. Google considers this to be a privacy issue. If only a couple people search with a given phrase, it makes the data personally identifiable. That's why your ad won't show for those terms.

The only way to get LSV keywords to show your ad is if more people search using that phrase. Personally, if not many people use that phrase to search and your ad is being triggered by other keywords, I don't think I'd be concerned with getting the LSV keyword to trigger your ad.

Best of Luck!

petebardo -- Deadhead doing AdWords

Re: Low Search Volume - Surprising Facts

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I think it might be some other reason as your ad is not showing...because i don't think so that google does not display ads because of having low CTR....

Re: Low Search Volume - Surprising Facts

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Hi Jeewan,

I understand your concern. However, I am in agreement with petebardo. If LSV keywords are not generating your ads (due to minimal search), then do not get bother with them. I suggest you concentrate more towards keywords that are performing well. I also suggest you delete these LSVs or try changing their match-types. This could help you get more desirable results. I follow this strategy to get rid of unwanted keywords from my campaign.

Kapil M