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Low Number of Clicks & Traffic from Adwords Campaign

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I had started a new campaign about 2 months ago. This is a local business campaign, targeting other businesses. The goal of the campaign is to sell or rent a product to other local businesses in the city.  


The problem We have been facing is that of low number of clicks/traffic from adwrods and would appreciate any help.

The campaign has so far generated 357 impressions but only 2 clicks.
CTR = 0.56% which is very poor.
Avg Ad Pos = 3.3
Top Keyword 1 has 126 impressions but only 1 click
Top Keyword 2 has 68 impressions but 0 clicks
Match Type = Exact

Impressions Share  = 95% or more


I just created a flexible bid strategy today to increase the bid for Top of the page position, but not sure if it will change anything.


What else can I try?


Thanks in advance for your replies.

Re: Low Number of Clicks & Traffic from Adwords Campaign

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Hi DigitalNoob

Since your Impression Share is already 95% , so your keywords are getting almost max. number of impressions. Rest 5% will be triggered once you Avg. Position is improved. In order to get better CTR, please make relevant ad copies and increase your max. cpc bid in order to get higher position in the auction.

Try using other keyword matches in order to get more traffic. Read the Adwords help below to know how keyword matches works:

If you have setup the flexible bid strategy correctly then definitely it will work or you can create automated rules in order to get higher position in the auction. Read the post for help:

Hope this helps!


Re: Low Number of Clicks & Traffic from Adwords Campaign

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Hi Digitalnoob,

According to me, to create a successful AdWords campaign, you need a precision and stability in three important aspects: Ad copy, Landing page and keywords.

If you are running a campaign for last two months with little or no outcome, then I suggest you revisit your AdWords strategy. Just ask yourself these questions.

1) What is my objective?
2) Is my ad copy relevant to my landing page and keywords?
3) What is my landing page bounce rate? You can check it through Analytics?
4) Have I seen any conversion so far from the clicks I received?
5) Am I answering all the questions on landing page or through ad copies from the customers' point of view?
6) Am I targeting right keywords with right bidding?
7) Am I using right match types?

Answers to these questions will enable you to find out the route cause of your problem.

I hope this helps.
Kapil M

Re: Low Number of Clicks & Traffic from Adwords Campaign

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Hi and congratulations on launching your first AdWords Account!
A 95% Impression Share is very strong, and outside of searchers just searching on those specific Keywords more, it'll be hard to increase your Impressions.  To increase your Clicks/Impressions I have a few suggestions -
1. Expand your Match Types - Try your Keywords as Phrase or Broad Match Modified.  This should help you increase your Impressions on Keywords that you deem relevant.  If you do go this route, you may consider adding in a few Negative Keywords, just to make sure that your targeting is as relevant as possible.

2.  Expand your Keyword List - Have you already selected every possible Keyword that your target customers may be querying?  Using Google's Keyword Planner you can receive additional ideas for increasing your Keyword List and finding new variations of your Keywords.

3. Networks - Are you running on Google Search and their Search Network?  The Search Network can give you additional reach.

4.  Display - Consider a Google Display Campaign.  Here you can, among other options, target Ads to websites that have content related to your Keywords.

5.  Ad Copy - Test new Ad Copy in order to improve CTRs.


Finally, since you have a Local Campaign, this article gives some tips for properly setting up your Local AdWords Campaign.