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Low Landing Page Score in Adwords

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 My landing page for Kentucky Investment Properties and All Related Keywords is receiving a Low Landing Page Quality Score : Any advice? My landing page seems awesome to me, and our site is way more useful than other Investment sites.  

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Re: Low Landing Page Score in Adwords

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Hi Trent,

Your landing page Title, description and other meta tags doesn't say that this page is for Kentucky Investment Properties. Your page title is Happy Home Investor and there are no Meta Tags available for your page. This can possibly lead to low landing page relevancy/score as Google is not clear about what this page is for because Google first reads the Title and meta tags of any landing page.

And after going through the landing page I couldn't find real content about Kentucky Investment Properties but just few set of keywords inserted in a Template paragraph; the template is common all across your other pages and just replacing the state name according to the page.

If you can work on these points, I hope your relevancy and score should improve. Good luck!


Re: Low Landing Page Score in Adwords

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@Trent S;

The text  on your page is too "dense". As mentioned by Ashish,  it looks as if you are trying to write to a machine, rather to a human user. Write to  users not to machines. Google is sophisticated enough to understand the content...

Furthermore;  Do you get any conversions from this landing page?  My opinion:, the  page is not designed / structured  to convert. I would recommend reading  this article about  a landing page  experience

Moshe, AdWords Top Contributor , Twitter | Linkedin | Community Profile | Ad-Globe
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