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Low Impressions, High CTRs, Low Conversions

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I have an ad running for over a month now, which gives me good CTR (6%+) but very low impressions (~800). It doesn't use up my daily budget, so budget doesn't seem to be the problem. Conversions are very low too. I'm inclined to believe that perhaps if I could get more clicks by improving the impressions and maintaining the CTR, it could lead to better conversions. In diagnosing the problem, I looked at Quality Scores, and find that almost all of the ranks are 7+ Then, I looked at Impression Share. Budget wasn't a problem, but rank could be better (from an IS perspective). This is where I got lost, and here are my questions:


1.   If my quality scores are high, what else can I do to increase my rank?


2.   How can I improve my impressions, without compromising CTR? (I know if one goes up the other tends to come down, but perhaps I can maintain CTR at a decent level?)


3.   If my budget is not a problem, how do I know if my bid is? Is there a way to know this through my ranks?


Additional Info:  My objective is conversions. I'm focusing on the Search Network currently.



Thanks & Best Wishes.

Re: Low Impressions, High CTRs, Low Conversions

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I would suggest:

1) check "search term" and see if you need add more negative keywords and only attract quality traffic.

2) If the quality score high is just a reference and the more important thing is your website page bounce rate and visit duration. You can get that from Google Analytics.

3) Try to use tools such as: crazy egg or click tale to analyze your customers on site behaviors.

4) Your conversion rate would also be affected by competiton's Ad, price, text, layout....etc.

Hope that help. Smiley Happy