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Low CTR & quality score drop

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I have restarted the campaign a couple of days ago after summer-break and I have had really good results yesterday but today suddenly keywords with a relaly good quality score dropped to 4/10... and i didn't manage to improve the click rate so the ads went out from the first 3 on the top page and are now always the top RHS


I'm really struggling in getting an higher CTR and I was wondreing how the ctr of the account is affecting my campagins.


Do you think that opening a new account would help improving that?

Ho is that possible that from a day to another on the same keyword that drove most of the conversion I have a drop of 3/4 quility score points?





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September 2015

Re: Low CTR & quality score drop

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Hi Arianna,


I would not suggest you to be wondering too much on this issue. QS values are periodically updated and of course there is a good deal of unavoidable fluctuation. Factor in that you're just back from vacation. Just go ahead advertising as you did before the summer break and in case you continue to do it the way you did the QS values will hopefully adjust again to your performance. 




Re: Low CTR & quality score drop

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I amexperience am experiencing the same problem. I used to pause my campaign regularly and it never had any affect on my CTR. I paused it a few weeks ago for about 7 days and the keyword that used to be position number 1 for the past 6years with a ctr of more than 12% has now dropped to below 2% due to my ad being dropped from firest position to lower than 4.


I doubled my budget and doubled my CPA with no effect. What is ridiculous is that otheradvertisers that have only been around for the past 6 months are now in the top 3 spots!  I emailed my account manager and received a reply that I must make actively campaign is active! Google customer service is non existent as usual. I don't think any of them actually know what is going on and have zero ability to change anything.


I am losing huge amounts of money (and Google) because my revenue is down and because I get no clicks I my spend with Google is less than a third of what I used to spend.


If there is anyone out there that can help, please do.



Re: Low CTR & quality score drop

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Hi Marthinus,


as you say there are new advertisers bidding on your keywords so if the market gets crowded and you have lost your position on you principal keywords focusw your strategy on maybe new keywords and try to improve again the ROI.


Hope it helps,