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Low CTR Keywords - Other Search Terms

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Good Morning,


We had a very low CTR (0.16-0.30%) for a few keywords on Search campaigns. We took 3 BMM keywords to create a test search campaign with 3 groups and very relevant copies. But CTR was still in the same range. Within SQR terms that got clicks have all 100% CTR, It's those in "Other Search Terms" thats causing the low CTR. BMM keywords have 3 words in it so ads triggering on very remote/irrelevant queries is also not likely. QS is 8-10.


Anybody else have had the same experience. 




Re: Low CTR Keywords - Other Search Terms

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Hi Vivek,

The first thing that comes to mind is that your test campaign is new. You talk of having a QS of 8-10, which very may well be determined by the QS of other advertisers and your account history. So those keywords have not had a chance to establish their own QS yet.

With regards to the SQR, you will only recieve data for search terms that either clicked on your ad or got a LOT of impressions. Seeing as all your search terms that got clicks were at 100% it indicates to me that these terms you are using are far to broad and acquiring a ton of irrelevant impressions. It does not matter how many keywords you have in your ad group each keyword generates its own impressions, and it really sounds like they are getting a lot of unwanted traffic.

I would suggest tightening up the match type, if not then at the very least you need to look at extending your negative keyword list rather extensively.

Hope this helps

Re: Low CTR Keywords - Other Search Terms

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I will suggest you to add negatives in phrase match and exact matches. +Broads also trigger near relevant terms, and variations (Which I dont like). So add those variations as negatives.


Hope this helps.