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Low Adrank for phrase match

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I have created ad group targeting only exact phrases. It has average QS 9.

After few weeks I have created another ad group with same keywords but phrase match only.

All phrase keywords  show low adrank. I set much higher bid but nothing happens.



First ad group:

[blue shoes]

[red shoes]

Second ad group:

"blue shoes"

"red shoes"


Second group is a problem.


Bonus question: What steps do you tipicly solve problem with low adrank? What are first steps you take?Higher bid, fixing landing page, better content, page speed load.

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Low Adrank for phrase match

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Hi Ivan M,


Higher bid doesn't help improve QS, because the former is not a component of the latter. Have you checked out the broken down version of quality score reporting that was introduced recently? It clearly shows where the problem is.


Earlier I used to look at the quality score speech bubble to understand this but the new reporting makes it really easy.


Feel free to write back if that doesn't help.





Sumanth Sridhar

: Low Adrank for phrase match

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Hi @Sumanth Sridhar,


Thank you for your answer.

It did not help. Funny thing is that I have a lot of keywords that have QS 7-10 but low adrank. When I check "Ad preview and Diagnosis" it shows me that keywords are regulary triggered. I have a lot of ad groups with this problem.


I have decreased mobile - 100%.


Like you said I checked QS - check attachment.


Thank you.


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Re: Low Adrank for phrase match

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Hi @Ivan M,


First off, let me breakdown the QS and Ad Rank calculations. Yes, @Sumanth Sridhar was correct with stating that "bidding adjustments" do not affect QS. Ad Rank is a calculation of your QS, bidding adjustments, and expected impact. That being said, those scores are relevant to the competitiveness of the market at any given time. That's why you can see decreased QS and Ad Rankings even though you never touched any elements of the landing page or Adwords campaign after your score already displayed "above average". Other competitors can jump into your vertical AND out-perform your campaigns at any moment in the auction.


Secondly, when adjusting from [exact match] to "phrase match" you might see decreased rankings because now your target is more broad. Which means you might be triggering keywords to search queries that are irrelevant. So before you go adjusting your ad copy, landing page, or keywords; check your Search Terms report for the ad group with "phrase match". This will give you an idea of what search terms are triggering your keywords. If you see some searches that are irrelevant, then add them as negative keywords to that Ad Group. You are "trimming the fat" off of your phrase match group.


Screen Shot 2017-05-30 at 1.05.44 PM.png


Lastly, what's more important to you? Ad Ranking is an indicator that your ad "COULD BE" relevant enough to be displayed at the top of the SERP...but does it actually perform better? I've seen great conversion results from campaigns with an average ad ranking....and then again I've seen them perform poorly. In essence, there is no complete universal approach to every campaign. Check your metrics, measure the performance, and discover what works best for your campaign. Optimizing your landing page and tweaking ad copy to be targeted and captivating can always help....but sometimes that isn't where the problem lies.


Hope this helps!