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Low Ad Rank and Clicks, and No QS

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Hello All,


HELP! I have a few ad groups where I am seeing impressions (very few), but have no clicks. When I check the keywords, some say they aren't running because of low ad rank, and ad rank is determined by QS. But my QS can't be determined yet because the keywords don't have many impressions or clicks. It's odd, because when I first started using adwords my ads had a lot of impressions (100-200 everyday), and low CTR. Now I see more like 100 impressions a week with a higher CTR for some groups, and no clicks at all for others. I haven't changed my keywords, just put them into more concise ad groups.


What should I do? Should I raise my bid? I have been consistently working on ad copy and looking at competitor ads to see what they are doing different. I also have ad extensions (call, sitelinks, callouts, and structured snippets) running as well.


I asked a Google rep this question and they said I should change my ad delivery from rotate indefinitely to rotate evenly then optimize. I had read here in the forums that rotate indefinitely is a better option for A/B testing. The rep couldn't tell me how or why changing ad delivery would help. 

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Low Ad Rank and Clicks, and No QS

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There are plenty of reasons you might be experiencing this but here is where I would start.


If your account is underperforming (low CTR) then I would not be surprised to hear you say you started out good and then things went bad.  That is the way it works unfortunately.  If Google has decided you do not have a good quality account they will basically penalize you for it.


Have you checked your position?  Try to enable columns that show you first page bid estimates, top of page bid estimates also to get an idea if your position has dropped you off page one.  In this case you might need to raise your bids to get back in the game BUT don't stop there.  If you have a low ad rank there is other work you need to do.  You don't want to just throw money at this problem...


If you hover over the little bubble for you keyword status a pop-up should appear giving you info on your expected CTR, ad quality and landing page quality.  Where do you see a poor quality?



Kim Clink, AdWords Top Contributor | Community Profile | Twitter | Philly Marketing Labs
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Low Ad Rank and Clicks, and No QS

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@Kim_ClinkI checked my position and all of my ad groups range between 1.0 - 2.4. When I check the bubbles they say below average expected CTR and landing page. I don't control the landing page - our headquarters do, so there isn't much I can do about that. Our website is going to be redone but idk how long that will take to be completed. 


If my expected CTR is low, and I have no available QS, what can be done?

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Low Ad Rank and Clicks, and No QS

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As I understand your question, you should change your keywords match type to get maximum impression. If you will run low search volume keywords with Exact/Phrase match type then you will restrict the impression on first level.


Senerio 1: High Search Volume Keyword- Any Match Type
Senerio 2: Avg Search Volume Keyword- Any Match Type
Senerio 3: Low Search Volume Keyword- Broad/BMM


For atleast 7 days you should bid high to get high rank in auction, hopefully your relevant ads will capture good impressions. Once you will get enough data on your ads than change ad rotation settings and select Optimize for Clicks. Also adding attractive ads will also help you to get good CTR.



Pankaj S.