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Lost impression share due to adrank

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Greeting Fellow PPC'ers


Question for you all. I am trying to forecast what i could spend if my impression share was at 100%. Currently it stands at 30%, this is due to ad rank.  The method i am currently using is is to establish what impressions would look like if they were 100%.


I then multiple that by CTR, (i take current CTR and slightly increase, i expect greater exposure through higher ad rank will deliver a higher ctr) to establish clicks. Can anyone think of a more efficient way to do this?




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Re: Lost impression share due to adrank

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Hi @Jonathan W

Achieving 100% is not something I would consider as a real goal. Smiley Surprised

To improve ad-rank you need either to higher the bid or improve the QS, or both... (The usual methods, mainly focusing on improving CTR)

Since  impression share is a statistical estimate, I prefer the "exact match impression share", which a better indication. (The number of impressions in the denominator, does not include synonyms which can be matched to the keywords)


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Re: Lost impression share due to adrank

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Well I have been asked to quote what I could potentially spend on the account. Budget is relatively low so we have a low ad rank as a result. The best way for me to potentially predict what we could achieve is to estimate what 100% impression share would deliver.