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Lost Search IS

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My campaign has been losing out on Impression Shares and Ad Positions in spite of the following

  • bidding high (no IS lost due to budget;allocated budget being double the spend)
  • QS>7 on an avg (QS>9 for converting Keywords)
  • Avg. CTR>5%

My campaign is losing about 20% IS due to rank throughout the time range.
How do I solve this? Please help!

P.S. I do manual bidding optimized for clicks.

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Re: Lost Search IS

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Hi Pooja,


What is the percentage of Search Impression Share and Search Exact Match Impression Share for your campaigns?


In case the two metrics I mentioned above are low in numbers, you need to work around them and improve that particular share. While you do that, gradually you might see Search Lost IS (Rank) going down which is really you want to accomplish.


Try introducing more of the Exact Matches which improves the relevancy and help in increasing the Impression Share. You can drill down and get the data at the core keyword level to understand which all keywords are assisting in improving these competitive metrics and which all are letting it fall down. Based on that you will have to tweak the account and work accordingly.


Hope this helps!


Re: Lost Search IS

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Good morning.


I wanted to add a couple of thoughts to this discussion.


First, it's a mistake to assume that "Lost IS" is necessarily a bad thing.


Different clicks on ads are going to have different costs--it depends on what user search query they are associated with. An advertiser might not necessarily want their ads to be displayed for the full range of search queries available--for the full 100% of the available impressions.


Some search queries have less "intent" to take action than others. Those "low intent" searches are still part of the potential audience for the ads, part of the 100% of Impression Share, but not having the ads served for them is not necessarily a bad thing.


Similarly, some search queries have very high intent and the competition to have ads shown for them is quite strong, with some advertisers willing to bid fairly high in order to earn the right to have their ads shown. Some of those clicks may cost more than you can afford to pay.


That last 20% can be expensive--the closer you get to 100% impression share, the more some of those clicks are going to cost you. You need to carefully consider whether or not that higher cost will allow your campaign to remain profitable.

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