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Lost Impression Share - Budget

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I have 2 search campaigns running in one account. One of the campaigns has the site as the destination URL. The second one has landing pages as destination url.

The campaign with the destination URL is the LP has a Lost IS due to budget of almost 2%. The site campaign, on the other hand has an Lost IS due to budget around 40% (too much).


Question 1 - Is it possible the the site campaign has a 40% os Lost IS due to budget, because of the LPs campaign (that has, basically no Lost IS due to budget)? If so, is there a way to see this kpis?

Question 2 - How to improve the Lost IS due to budget in site campaign, besides decreasing bids and/or increasing budget?


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Lost Impression Share - Budget

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@João M


Each campaign metrics are calculated   separately. Increase the budget of the campaign with the 40% lost IS

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Lost Impression Share - Budget

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The broader the targeting, the larger the potential impression share. Outside of increasing budget, you can restrict match types/targeting, or reduce the KW list.