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Looking to find great key word for painting contractor on adwords

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I am a painting contractor looking to do a campaign on adwords and look for great key word that will make a difference. If anyone can help with some input. Thank you

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Re: Looking to find great key word for painting contractor on adwords

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Hello Michelle, Welcome to the Community.


For a successful Adwords campaign, try to come up with as many keywords relating to your business as possible. What words would someone search for on Google to find your product or services? Try writing down every keyword that comes to mind and refine your list accordingly.


Below is the link which will help you in building keyword list from Keyword Tool


It can be used to generate additional keyword ideas by entering a keyword or URL of any webpage that’s relevant to your business.


Following link is the Step by Step Guide for Beginners to Adwords


Below link covers all fundamental topics of Adwords:


All the best for your Adwords campaign.


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Re: Looking to find great key word for painting contractor on adwords

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Hi Michelle,


Welcome to AdWords; we’re glad to have you here. I am happy to help offer some guidance for generating keywords ideas for your campaign. Within AdWords we have a couple of helpful tools which I typically recommend using when starting a new campaign. Below I have outlined some information regarding the keyword tool which I think will be most helpful.


Keyword Tool: This tool can help you generate keyword ideas related to your service. With the keyword tool, you can insert a word or phrase, website, or business category, and our system will automatically provide you with ideas for keywords and also ad groups (grouping of keywords and ads). Here you can learn more about the keyword tool.


I had the opportunity to run a search using the keyword tool and some of the following keywords were suggested: painting contractor, paint contractors, residential painting contractors, painting contractors website. I think you will find the keyword tool to be a great place to start. Feel free to let us know if you need further assistance. I hope this helps!

Juliana S.

Re: Looking to find great key word for painting contractor on adwords

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you're may be looking for a company with our expertise and experience. Our diverse skills in all aspects in
the Commercial and Residential Construction and painting industry for over 7 years serving in kuala lumpur
and Palm Beach counties make us a solid choice. Our personal touch and quest for quality will
leave you impressed.

Our company's experience in the Industry is extensive and varied
in many disciplines including: General Construction; Commercial and Residential Painting; Insurance
restoration, Concrete Restoration; Interior Build Outs; Interior Remodels; Metal Fabrication; Roofmg,
Aluminum Specialties; Hurricane response, Interior and Exterior Disaster repair;
Engineering Design, Inspection and Project Management; Glass and Glazing,

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