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Looking for suggestions for targeting teens & tweens

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Hi - Is there any way to target tweens and teens on the Display Network, other than running ads that specifically appeal to them?

I'd hoped to be able to use the Display Planner to generate a list of sites for teens and tweens, but that doesn't appear to be possible.


I'm considering excluding all age categories except "Unknown," in the hopes that I'll reach young people that way, but I'll still wind up with mostly adults, I imagine.


Is there really no way to target those demographics more accurately? It's for a very wholesome product!


Thanks for any advice.

Re: Looking for suggestions for targeting teens & tweens

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Hello kristin,


Welcome to AdWords Community.


What you said is right, there is no specific feature which can confirm that your ads will only be served to Teens and Tweens. The Demographic Targeting in the Age, it ideally starts at 18 Yrs and above. However, there is no assurance that if you select unknown, your ads only appears some specific set of demographics.


What you can do, is find some sites that you think your target audience would visit and then create a pure placement targeted campaign and hope you reach them.


- Prashanth Reniguntala