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Long Tail Ad vs. regional ad

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I have a Carpet leaning business and running an add for carpet cleaning for a geographical area (used radius).

WIll my ad using the keywords "carpet cleaning" post just as well as the keywords "carpet cleaning - city name" that is in the selected area if a users searches for "carpet cleaning - City name".


I am trying to decide if I need to add all of the applicable city names to my keywords as well or if that is a waste of time.




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Re: Long Tail Ad vs. regional ad

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Hello homeaide;

This is a nice question;

Google uses IP addresses to identify a user's location.

If you live in an area where Geo -targeting is well mapped (i.e =USA, where every IP is clearly allocated to a geographic location) - adding the city name into the keyword is a redundancy;


If you live in a country that IP addresses are not properly mapped, and you can find IPs that are not correctly assigned to a Geo-location, or the city is a small town or a neighborhood, that "might not be marked on the map" - then, you can add it as part of the keyword.



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Re: Long Tail Ad vs. regional ad

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Google Employee

You might also want to look at your Advanced Location Options in your campaign as well, as this will allow you to choose whether you want the AdWords system to target people it thinks are in your targeted location only or whether you want the system to use their search query to help guide your ad serving as well as their physical location.


This link here might help you out a bit. 


Hope this helps!