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Location targeting and location based keywords help?

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Hello All,


So I am working on a client that has 12 hotels in 4 different states with 3 locations in each state. (Maine, Florida, New York, Pennsylvania).  The client also wants to target 11 additional states and Canada.


My question is how should I location target?  Currently, I have 4 campaigns for each state with the same ad groups (brand, golf, etc).   But when I use keywords like "luxury hotel" i have a quality score of 3 but say I add "new york luxury hotel" my qaulity score increase to 7. 


Should all my keywords be location based or should I have my location targeted to: People in, searching for, or viewing pages about my targeted location (recommended) or should i have it targeted to: People in my targeted location and if I targeted it to this can i use non location based keywords?


I hope this makes sense...if not I can answer additional questions regarding this.





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Re: Location targeting and location based keywords help?

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Hi Sophie, great question.


I think you're always going to want to use one of the "viewing pages about" options (either the one that includes people in or the one that doesn't) as otherwise your Ads will only be visible to people in the target - regardless of the keyword - which for a hotel is probably not what you want.  The choice between having people "in" or not depends on what you're advertising for the hotel.  If they have a golf course (and it sounds like some have) then you may well want to attract locals as well as people from out of town/state but personally I might consider running that as a separate Campaign.


As for location or not location Keywords that's a tougher question.  The disadvantage of using Location based Keywords is that you are relying upon the searcher actually using that term.  So "new york luxury hotel" requires that phrase and "ny hotel" probably won't match, and just "hotel" (when the person is in New York) almost certainly won't.  The advantage is, of course, that you can be more certain of the intent behind the search.


The answer then probably is to use a combination of virtually everything above.  Have a Campaign for people "In" the location to attract locals.  Have Campaign(s) for "viewing pages about" to attract visitors from farther afield.  Use Location based Keywords in some Ad Groups and use non-location based Keywords in others.  Remember you may want to use the Location based Keywords as negatives in the non-location Keyword groups to tighten the focusing.


Does this help or have I dodged the question?  Smiley Happy



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Re: Location targeting and location based keywords help?

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Thank you so much!  I was so confused on this, you cleared it up for me.


Thanks again.






Re: Location targeting and location based keywords help?

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I would give a more specific recommendation that I follow - in line with the concept / methodology Jon explained:

  • If you are targeting a major city, in general, I would not include location based KWs (aka "Geo-targeting by intent")
  • If you are targeting small towns, then  target by intent  (i.e. Include them  as part of the KW)
  • If there are in this business, "common known search terms"  then include the location in the KW. (E.g "four seasons in Boston")


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