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Location Targeting

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Hi Guys,


I'm trying to eliminate impressions and clicks from outside of the United States. I've made a couple of changes in the campaign settings, however my client is still receiving conversions from outside the US. 


  • I've already changed the advanced location options to target "People in my targeted location" and exclude "People in my excluded location"
  • I've added several of the countries the client has reported receiving leads from to the excluded locations.
  • A bit extreme but, I added each US state individually to the targeted locations list.

Even after performing all these changes the client is still receiving leads from outside the US. We know these leads are not from organic traffic because the landing pages we use are for PPC only.


My client has been losing a lot of money from these leads, are there any other methods to limit this type of traffic? 








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Re: Location Targeting

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That shouldn't have happened;... Smiley Surprised
First, you don't have to "exclude" . Exclusion is to "remove" a location within a region (e.g. Targeting the US and excluding California,)
So, revert to targeting the  USA; (With advanced setting "people in my targeting location only")
Now, where do you get clicks from? Make sure that all data is relevant to the time period after the changes were implemented.


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Re: Location Targeting

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Hi Rachel, further to Moshe's reply, you say the landing pages are for PPC only:  Are these pages indexed by Google - have you specifically disallowed them in your robots.txt file or .htaccess?  Could they be linked to by an external source?


Analytics will tell you the source of any page visit so you should be able to analyse the source of these clicks.  If they're not "paid" then the likelihood is they're accessible without clicking an Ad.  If you want a page to load only after an Ad click you'll need to code to ensure it doesn't load or redirects when the visit isn't from a PPC source.



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