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Location Targeting Best Strategy

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Hi Everybody,


I am into hotel marketing. So, we have hotels in 9 states in the US. What you all suggest the best strategy for location targeting for our hotels?


Normal location targeting - 1 campaign targeting all 9 states.

9 Campaigns targeting all 9 states separately (This is what am following right now).


Now, I want to delve into granular targeting. Hopefully, location ad customizer would be helpful. But I dont know its Excel csv format. How should I target every area in say California by using ad customizer?


Please help!


Location Targeting Best Strategy

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Here are some best targeting ideas for your business


1. You should create 9 campaigns for your 9 locations


2. Use location-based keywords and location-based ad copies.


3. Use local search ads on Google maps.


4. I recommend radius targeting for your business.


5. Use IF function ads for both mobile (Use call as main CTA) and desktop (book now as CTA) users.


6. Target separately for the converting locations and bid higher.


7. Use call only ads



Sanal John