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Location Target/Product Name Issues

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Hi guys,


I'm currently running a pretty successful PPC campaign for a nation-wide vehicle hire company. Everything is going pretty well, however there is one issue which seems to crop up time and time again...


All of my adgroups are focused on one of the company branches, with only one keyword per each adgroup. There's over 60 of these branches, and the only one giving me a problem is Luton, as this is also the name of a type of van. For example, people may be searching for Luton Vans in Glasgow which end up triggering Luton Ads instead of Glasgow ads.


I know i can put Luton as a negative against all other branches, but I still want searches where Luton is the 'van type' and not the location to trigger other ads.


Is there anything you recommend me doing which doesn't involve a complete account restructure, as performance is currently very strong - this is just something which is bugging me slightly...





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Re: Location Target/Product Name Issues

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Hi Craig, welcome to the Community.  What are your current Location targeting settings?


There's a couple of ways you could do this, but I think the safest is going to be Location Targeting for each branch.   What you could try is separating out the "luton" Ad Group into its own Campaign (targeting probably England) and then exclude Luton the town from the other Campaign.  However, I'm not sure if that will allow the Ads for your other branches to show when someone searches for something like "Luton van hire" - I suspect it won't.


However, if you target each branch (so your York branch is targeted at York, your Plymouth branch is targeted at Plymouth) - using the appropriate Advanced Option for people interested in your Location - then that would solve the problem.


This will mean having to have a Campaign for each branch (since Locations only operate at the Campaign level) but frankly I'd have recommended this structure anyway since it allows greater control over budget and analysis of Return on Investment.  If you use the AdWords Editor, the process of changing the Account structure would be quite quick and simple.


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